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2012 Crank Brothers Mallet, Cobalt, Pica, Iodine Components

Crank Brothers has been busy. Gone are the days when their booth just showed one product, the innovative Speedlever. Now they have a whole array of product in many categories. We were just floored by the breadth of the product line as it seemed like only SRAM had a wider variety of products.

Crank Brothers has always been a copy focused on brand and quality and they’ve had a loyal following throughout the years. After some early hiccups with the Eggbeater pedals, they’ve hunkered down and developed quality product.  This year, they seem to be focused on making products that are functional and look good. Here’s a sampling of what they showed us.

Mallet Pedals – The pedals have been improved  to be fully rebuildable and to have needle bearings at the 3 and 11 levels. Seals have been improved and the spindle strength has been improved by 50%

Mallet 3 – $120 at 435 grams

Mallet 2 is $90 and Mallet 1 is $60.



Cobalt + Iodine , Opium + Sage Handlebars - This line-up of bars now range from 132 grams for the Cobalt 11 to the 325 fram Sage 2.  Width goes all the way to 780 mm now.

Cobalt Stems - Very attractive Cobalt 3 stems weigh in at 140 grams (100 mm) and sell for $100

Pica+, Pica and Pixl tools – We knew Crank Brothers as a tool company first and foremost and they have not forgotten their roots. These multi-tools are as handy as ever but are now  very slick little pieces with the finest construction and smooth action with detent position markers. I’m sure we’ll waste many hours just playing with these little devices.

Pica+  is the biggest of these tools weighing in at 181 grams and costing $70

Pica – 166 grams at $65.

Pixl – 135 grams at $60



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  • dizzle says:

    Is this stuff avail now?

  • Varaxis says:

    It’s gonna be a few years before all the rep damage done by Eggbeater pedals [and, to a lesser extent, early Joplin seatposts] gets overlooked. See Gary Fisher cracks and the Giant Anthem X 29er recall, people are still judging products based on that.

  • Will T Smith says:

    I take dispute with the characterization that Crank Brothers is committed to quality. They have with full knowledge shipped defective products for years. The products that don’t break require undo levels of maintenance. One should not have to service a pedal every 6-12 months when Times and Shimanos function for many years without any service.

    If they really actually have fixed the stress risers in there platform pedals, the set screws that aren’t machined properly, the seals that don’t, the crappy spray on grease that leaks through the seals, the skewers that don’t hold on, and now apparently the unreliable freehubs on $900 wheelsets, good for them. And if they have decided to stop charging for pedal rebuilds on 6 month old products, that’s awesome. And maybe if their rebuild kits actually contained everything needed to do the job … great.

    With other superior options out there, everyone should think twice about spending a nickel on Crank Brothers products.

  • Evan says:

    I have to say, I disagree with Will T Smith’s complaints..

    I have been running the same set of eggbeater chromes for 5 years now, and have never touched them. Not once, the only thing I have had to do is replace the cleats in my shoes about once a year, a price I’m willing to pay for the quality experience I have had with eggbeater pedals, especially in the mud.

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