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Ellsworth Bikes – FR180, Momentum SST, Evolution, Enlightenment 29

Ellsworth had some of the most interesting bikes at the Sea Otter Classic, including a brand new as-yet unnamed model. You can have a chance to name this bike in the Ellsworth Name It, Win It, Ride It Contest! (Submit up to 3 names before May 1st and win of the first production frames.)

In this video, Brian from Ellsworth shows us the highlights of the

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new FR prototype bike, the new Momenutum SST, the Evolution and the full carbon fiber Enlightenment 29er!

YouTube Preview Image

New Ellsworth Freeride Prototype – name TBD by YOU!
-180mm travel front and rear
-dual or single ring in front
-4″ of adjustability
-cane creek angleset

More info and photos:

Ellsworth has been a long time supporter of Mtbr and they graciously donated a brand new Momentum SST frame to our prize raffle at Sea Otter. Here the lovely Summer shows us the prize!

And here is a photo of the lucky winner with Mtbr’s very own Lauren!

Momentum SST
-slopestyle/dirt jump/park
-100mm front and rear
-SST.2 Tubeset
-tapered headtube
-oversized bearings
-sex bolts

-120mm travel
-trail oriented 29er
-SST tubeset
-CNC rocker arms
-ICT suspension

Enlightenment 29
-Carbon Hardtail 29er
-Good pedal clearance and good standover height with swoopy curves
interchangeable dropouts
-High Modulus Certified carbon

More info: www.ellsworthbikes.com

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  • Henrik says:

    I am definitely not a fan of their 29er with the swopy tubes. Kinda reminds me of how the Norco’s look… not my cup of tea!

  • Steve says:

    These have got to be the ugliest full suspension bike on the market right now, the top link is HUGE, looks like a college homegrown prototype gone bad.

  • Jeff says:

    Wow, judging a bike based on its looks. You guys must be hard core riders and obviously NEVER ridden an Ellsworth before. If you want a bike that is going to ride like a dream and make you perform better……. get an Ellsworth. The ICT suspension is hands down the most superior on the market. The purpose of the sloped tubing is for additional strength and stability. I am 6’7″ and I road a Evolve last year and I have a Evolution on its way. My Evolve was to this day the best and strongest bike I have ever ridden, and I’m sure the Evolution will follow suit. If you have a chance to ride one at a demo, do it. You won’t regret it.

  • greg says:

    “The purpose of the sloped tubing is for additional strength and stability.”
    although some aligning of the tube wall to put it in line with the direction of force is good, like the evolution, the enlightenment has bends for style (or lack thereof).
    their bikes are boring, expired. they still dont cover their pivot bearings- not everyone rides in SoCal where it’s sunny every day. some of their sizing is a bit funny. bb is (or was) a bit high. and they tout a lot of hype that is just plain wrong (their wheels).
    i’m done with them for now.

  • fred says:

    uh jeff, don’t be such a delicate flower. they weren’t judging the BIKES based on their looks, they were judging the bike’s LOOKS. i’m sure you’ve done that plenty as well. everyone has an opinion on how a bike looks, and if you say you don’t then you’re just lying.
    i on the other hand WILL judge the bikes based on their performance. i have ridden and owned the ICT suspension and compared to others i have ridden and/or owned, it BLOWS. sorry if that hurts your feelings, but it’s just a fact. try actually riding another suspesion design before you claim ICT to be the end all be all of designs. you might just find out that you sound like a fool. an Ellsworth is going to make me perform better? hardly.

  • Jeff says:

    My reaction to Henrik and Steve was based on the fact that they were JUST bashing on the looks of the bike. It should have also been about how it rides. If they have even ridden one at all.
    Everyone is allowed to there own opinion on what a bike looks like or what suspension they prefer. I have mine. I would be “fool” to make a comment like I did without trying other suspensions ( and I have tried them all ). Maybe I was a bit off side to claim that “it (ICT) will make you perform better”, in some cases there is no hope for some people. They are stuck on loving single pivot bikes. My opinion is that “SINGLE PIVOT BIKES SUCK”.
    I am not from SoCal, ( we have all 4 seasons ) and if people knew how to take apart there own rear end and service there pivots every once in a while, there wouldn’t be any need for Ellsworth to “cover” the bearings. Thats just a part of MTB.
    Now don’t get me wrong I love BLING on a bike, and a bike should look SEXY. I love the fact that Ellsworth bikes look different from Trek, Specialized, etc. The ano is done very well. But don’t come on a site where a company is excited about there new line up and JUST bash on how it looks. WEAK.
    Quite frankly makes them look like a fool…… right Fred? Don’t worry my feelings weren’t hurt pal.

    The Delicate Flower

  • biker says:

    ICT is nice compared to single pivot for sure. But ICT compared to FSR, VPP, and DW can be a different story.

  • Nicko says:

    I’ve owned Dares, Moments, Truths as well as numerous other popular frames, single pivots, VPP, FSR, etc. and I always come back to Ells for a reason….they just ride better IMO. The machining is second to none and their frames are made in the U.S. Sure, it’s not for everyone’s liking but I think that FR180 is one of the nicest frames I’ve seen in awhile. I say, just ride one first before you judge.

  • bubba says:

    Ellsworth trolls a’plenty here

  • greg says:

    i think the fullys look pretty good.

    the enlightenment however? ghastly.

    just awful.

  • Henrik says:

    Hey Jeff, I am sure these bikes perform/ride just fine, but in terms of design, I don’t care for them at all. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. It’s just weak that you can’t accept that.

  • Jeff says:

    Accepted. But you should try riding one. Looks aren’t everything.

  • Bern says:

    There far better looking bikes out there that look A LOT better and ride equally if not better than ICT. Suspension is subjective to the frame design, ICT works for the Ellsworth frames and that’s that. Don’t make it sound like it’s the holy grail lol.

    It’s fugly, get over it.

  • John says:

    As I read this thread, I am both humored and disappointed. As far as the looks go, they are how Ellsworths have looked forever. I still have my first Ellsworth (an Isis) and it has the same defining characteristics as the FR180. They should be complemented for being who they are, unlike the Specialized, Giants, Treks etc all of which have adopted these swooping curves and will change to whatever is cool next year. Same with 4 link suspension. Its a fad. Are there some that are better than the old single pivots? Yes. But some of the old single pivots sucked too. Who makes one now? A single pivot that is. After all these years and all the bikes I’ve owned, I would take my single pivot over all this fancy crap. But thats MY opinion. The part where I run better times with it than I do with the FSR, now that is fact. Bottom line, Ellsworth isn’t the best, but they are good. Real good. Oh, and they’re American. That should mean something all on its own.

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