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Titus Cycles Racer X 29 Carbon and 20th Anniversary Limited Edition ExoGrid Fireline 29er

Ben Webster is one of the carryover employees from the “old” Titus to the new Titus. In this video, Ben gives us a close-up look at the Racer X 29 and the 20th Anniversary Ltd Edition Fireline.

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Titus Cycles Racer X 29 Carbon
-100mm of front and rear travel
-Tapered head tube
-Oversized top and down tube
-New revised carbon rocker
-Medium frame

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only 4 lbs
-Medium with shock 4.5 lbs (pre-production)
-”Race Machine”
-Tightened head angle by almost 1° from the Rockstar 29er
-Shortened wheelbase by nearly 1″ from the Rockstar 29er
-Same chain stay and seat stay combination as the Rockstar 29er
-Spec’d with SRAM, Monarch and Reba components

Titus Cycles 20th Anniversary Limited Edition ExoGrid Fireline 29er
-Limited to a 20 bike run
-29er hardtail
-Full XX Kit
-Enve Composites bar, stem, and seat post
-WTB tred and saddle
-Optional Stan’s rim or DT Swiss 29er wheel

For more information: www.titusti.com

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  • Tree says:

    Sorry but that carbon bike is UGLY. And didn’t Titus go out of business? Why would anyone buy a bike from a company that has already failed once is beyond me. Plus, the FSR linkage is garbage and there are 100 other manufacturers making the same bike.

  • hellgate says:

    I hate people that talk out of their ass. Tree you’re an idiot. I suggest before you go off spewing out of your mouth again you go and research wtf you’re talking about.

  • JimAAY says:

    Horst link garbage???
    Coulda fooled me – and everyone that’s ever ridden one – which is everyone that cares about bikes.
    It’s not the only great linkage, but it is def one of the best. That is why it’s ‘still around’. Not only still around, but about to take off bigger than ever.
    Some people are dissing it because when the patents expire (soon) then we all get it cheaper and that will make all the complex patented stuff totally uncompetitive because the Horst is excellent. I mean, really good. Almost the best thing about Titus is the Horst.
    Obviously there are different implimentations, some better than others. But one reason so many people use it or get as close to it as they legally can without having to pay royalties, is because it’s an excellent system.
    IMO the Titus implimentation could be better. Having the shock in that position causes issues w cables, cages and it puts a lot of stress onto the middles of the top and seat-tubes which tend to be the thinner tubes. Also that stress is more perpendicular to the tubes. Needlessly.
    Putting the stress onto the downtube and not the middle of it either, with a vertical shock is a better idea. Puts the stress on a larger tube, in a stronger spot, lowers CoG, makes forces more longitudinal to seat-tube. And solves and cabling and cage issues too. Need bigger rockers. Fine.

    Oh, and Titus need to get rid of the bushings at the rear pivots and go with proper bearings. *Relative to bearings*, those bushings create a LOT of friction. With alloy stays, and less than perfect assembly/maintenance, this can lead to stress fracture. This also makes it a false economy for Titus IMO. Save two bearings, end up warrantying more frames. And besides, you can sell the presence of bearings, but the bushings you have to apologise for. Sales hinderance.

    Anyway, Horst is excellent. Anyone that uses it is doing a good thing. You cannot go badly wrong buying Horst.
    Now the exogrid?! That’s another matter IMO! Lol. Ridiculous amount of work and expense for no benefit that doesn’t have at least an equal downside. Ditch Exogrid.
    Titanium. Even bring a steel option. Alloy. Carbon. I won’t buy carbon. Carbon is for Euro pussies who just ride around the park on an XC MTB w 1.9″ semi-slicks to make themselves feel adventurous. Or people who are happy with disposable bikes. For real bikes, keep away from Carbon. If they make it strong enough, then it’s no lighter than alloy, but much more expensive. And still splits. Alloy fails too of course, but it’s cheap. So any failure is proportionately less painful. And a ‘ding’ to alloy usually makes a dent. It doesn’t cause the structure to split wide open.
    If carbon was half the price of alloy, then you start to see a possiblity. As if you manage not to crack it, it has theoretically unlimited fatigue life.
    But they’ll just make all the carbon frames with stupid standards like integrated BBs so they’re still effectively disposable. Boo.

  • Not Jimmyaaay says:

    You sure have a lot to say jimmaayyy for someone who doesn’t know squat.

  • sullycoho says:

    Jimmyaaay….suprise, surprise…another Carbon nay-sayer. I’m 190lbs and have beatin’ the piss out of both my Blur LTc and my Racer X Carbon. Beaten’ them like rented mules in fact. The Santa Cruz in particular is so f-ing bombproof that I’m convinced nothing can break it. Besides, Carbon bikes really aren’t that much more expensive than alloy. Just look at any manufacturer that does the same bike in carbon and alloy. Pretty close price-wise. Just ride what you like and have fun doing it. That Racer X 29er does look a lot like my Blur Ltc with the sweeping curved top-tube and down-tube.

  • Greencouch29 says:

    Wow the geometry look very familiar…kind of like a Specialized Stumpjumper 29er..So, it looks interesting, but I never did get the horizontal shock thing. The vectors just seem wrong. Also shorter angles might be OK sometimes, but only when balance and strength fail. On the other hand the hard tail looks like a ride worth trying.

  • Mr Gormsby says:

    Horst is excellent. Carbon can be good (in the shop where I work we are seeing quite a few warranties on carbon frames from a couple of manufacturers – but no more than for the same manufacturers alloy bikes). I do think many carbon bikes are over priced. Personally I think the carbon racer 29er is ugly. My buddy I ride with has an alu one with straight tubes in the front triangle and it looks good. In a daulie for my next bike I will go away from my four bar with drop outs on the seat stays to a pure Horst (I’ve just ridden a S Works 29er Epic and loved the frameset – didn’t like the Reba fork though).

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