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New Jamis Prototypes – 150mm All Mtn Bike and 100mm XC Bike

Jamis 150mm All Mountain Prototype
-”Dakar AMT”
-150mm travel
-6 inch travel, all mountain trail
-2 lbs lighter than the old Xam
-Based off mp4 suspension design like the XCT and Sixfifty B
-Asymmetrical chainstays
-Tapered headtube
-Available Fall 2011

Jamis 100mm XC Prototype
-”XCR 29″
-100mm travel, front and rear
-12×135 thru-axle in the rear
-mp4 suspension
-Asymmetrical chainstays
-Tapered headtube
-Weighs less than current alloy XCRs
-15″, 17″, 19″ and 21″ sizes
-Available Fall 2011

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  • Darren says:

    Looks like a Giant

  • Mike Heffner says:

    Looks like an awesome upgrade from my older Dakar XC, how I would love to race one of those this fall in Collegiate mtn and downhill. :)

  • mhike says:

    They will use this design for two years, then recycle yet another design.

    Maybe this time around they won’t have failing rear ends…or will they?

  • Jared S says:

    The AMT is a very nice looking bike with a stronger rear axle, but why would I choose this single pivot suspension over any of the other designs? Pay a few extra bucks and licence a better traction-getting design.

  • JimAAY says:

    Need close ups of the welds at the dropouts. Look familiar. After all the reports of failures on the Xam, Bam… Put it this way, I’d not want to be an early adopter. Maybe if in 2013 there are reports of people riding these and none of them breaking at the drop-out, then perhaps it would get a 2nd look. But there would have to be no equal contenders from brands with no reliability question marks or better sus designs at similar value (like KHS). So chances of purchase, low.
    To sum up, must prove these don’t break. Make products that break too often and get rep that hinders confidence and therefore sales.
    Aside from performance/value/reliability/safety; that XC in particular ain’t pretty IMO. Don’t like how the shock attaches to the seat-tube much a t all. If I was making a bike that I wanted to break, that would be high on my list of ways to make it happen.
    In a couple of years, they can give these Horst link designs when those patents expire. That would be a big improvement IMO. Might help the chain-stay welds hold too.

  • Jose Miguel Secadas says:

    Estoy interesado en la Bicicleta Jamis.
    Por favor digame el precio de los dos modelos y cuanta informaciĆ³n pueda darme de las bicicletas.
    Muy atentamente:
    Jose Miguel Secadas

    I am interested in the Jamis bike .
    Please tell me the price of the two models and how much information you can give me your bike.
    Sincerely :
    Jose Miguel Secadas

  • mitosicor says:

    quiero saebr el precio e la bicicleta y el material
    el anio

  • Beergut says:

    Hah, this is the same thing as Ragley’s new FS prototype. Who makes them? Merida? Giant? Pacific?

  • Morpheous says:

    The 2010 XAM model line had the new forged joints on the rear triangle, the dropout failures from previous years models are quelled. I am dissappointed that Jamis has moved from the XAM platform. Mine is fitted with 650B wheels (which it seems it was made for?) with no shock/fork mods and it rides GREAT! Jamis needs to make this AM line 650B to follow suit with their early adopter model line. It has good potential as the ultimate adv bike. .

  • USArulz says:

    If they make 650b, no one will buy them. I have a millions GREAT wheelsets. Zero 650b. Ain’t got none don’t want none, ain’t never gonna get none.
    I like to have more than one wheelset for bikes for spares and fast tire changes to suit conditions. I don’t want to have (at least) another 4 wheels (on top of LOADS), just because of some pointless 0.75″ radius change BS.

  • Max says:

    You’re an idiot. The 650 wheelset has been around for ages in Europe….don’t let your mouth write a check your ass can’t cash. The 650 has many advantages over the 29″ and it’s not just a “compromise” for a keeping your old frame but increasing your wheel size other than a 29″. Some riders that mainly have super twisty technical trails w/ lots of climbing would likely favor a 650 once they rode one. So before spewing crap out of your mouth again I’d suggest you do a little research about the item you know nothing about.

  • Vhom says:

    I tried a 650b and love it. I feel it’s just a lively as my 26. 29ers are nice, but they feel dull (some may call it smooth) and they are not as flickable. I think the problem with 650b is weight and suspension design. If there was a ABP/DW Link/Maestro or a Yeti/Santa Cruz single pivot, I wouldn’t mind adding another bike to the stable.

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